Organizations purchasing ReadAskChat in bulk for the families they serve receive an array of resources to strengthen and measure the impact of their enactments.


The ReadAskChat Data Portal

enables program managers to evaluate family engagement through multiple metrics—time spent reading the stories, use of the developmental conversation starters, and other engagement indicators. Aggregate data is useful for monitoring and reporting, while user-level data enable you to customize personal outreach and family-support programming.

Parent Introduction Slideshow

This scripted slideshow is easily customizable for your audience, and is perfect for family literacy night or to use in virtual parent meetings.

Professional Development for Teachers in "Joyful Dialogic Reading”

This 4-part series in the form of scripted slideshow presentations includes opportunities for participatory learning. Each module presents a deep dive into ReadAskChat’s joyful and easy dialogic reading method™ and the research supporting it. Presentations may be delivered online or in person.

“The presentation was powerful, deeply important, in a concise format.”

- Kate M.

“It was a joyful session . . .The ability to interact with the text and with each other set us up well. The joy was there.”

- Laura K.

“I was inspired to encourage more wonder in reading.”

- Trina A.

“I learned it is critical that parents participate WITH their child. This is an app for both parent and child.”

- Pamela B.

“I was very excited about the reminder that closely observing pictures is science!”

- Liz L.

“I learned that giving children the opportunity to learn by using and building their creativity and problem-solving skills through imagination and play is so important . . . which is why the app is so great.”

- Anne A.

“I see ReadAskChat as a crucial change-making tool by meeting a critical need for parents and caregivers to access quality literacy supports before school begins.”

- Patricia B.

“I was reminded of the importance of giving children wait time and letting imagination guide thinking.”

- Nichole C.

[My most important takeaway was that] “when children have the opportunity to explore their imagination, that supports their strong early literacy skills.”

- Sharon F.

“[I appreciated] the new framing for open-ended questions: ‘stories can mean different things to different people.”

- Angie L.

“I learned how to support children by helping them dive into their curious minds.”

- Pat I.


Talking with Children about Stories.

How ReadAskChat can help you invite children into the reading process and make it joyful and participatory.


Encouraging Imagination and Storytelling.

Why stories that spark the imagination enable children to learn new vocabulary and concepts and become eager to talk about and invent stories and to begin to read independently.


Curiosity and Science Learning

Why talking about what children observe nurtures their curiosity and confidence, and serves as the starting point for science learning and discovery.


Open-ended Conversation

Why asking questions about characters’ actions and feelings is helping children learn to read for meaning; why nondidactic, open-ended conversation must begin at the earliest age, and why doing so is such a critical skill for long-term school success.

Modules represent up to four hours of professional learning that include opportunities for participatory learning


Video tutorials for parents and caregivers

Thirty-six 1-minute videos, in English and Spanish, support adults in practicing the joyful ReadAskChat method of reading with children.