Families may subscribe to the full ReadAskChat digital library by month or by year.

During the month of June 2021, to celebrate ReadAskChat’s participation in the U.S. Department of Education’s ED Games Expo, the 80+ stories and science features in the ReadAskChat digital library may be downloaded for free.

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Schools wishing to purchase bulk subscriptions along with our train-the-trainer materials should contact us using the form below.

Note that ReadAskChat may be purchased with Title 1 funds, which are allocated for raising achievement for low-income and other disadvantaged children. ReadAskChat aligns with the Title 1 objectives to support programs that reach families in their homes and that train staff in family engagement strategies.

Schools that are not eligible for Title 1 also recognize the benefits of ReadAskChat to engage families in their children’s learning in an enjoyable and intellectually rewarding way.


ReadAskChat is designed to support the missions of community organizations that focus on early learning, literacy, and/or parent engagement. Organizations purchase bulk subscriptions that include training materials so they can offer ReadAskChat along with guidance to the families they serve. ReadAskChat can be purchased using Title 1 funding at the discretion of school and district leaders.

ReadAskChat has been embraced by service agencies with home visiting and parenting programs and preschools with a wide range of educational philosophies. 


Chicago Public Library Foundation: The New Literacy App Every Parent Should Have
“As lovers of books and innovation, we’re always on the lookout for new technology and methods to promote early literacy. So when we discovered ReadAskChat, we knew we hit gold!”

Common Sense Media: Four Stars
“ReadAskChat gives users a whole reading library for parents and children to enjoy together. By actively taking part in reading together, families can help fosters a love of reading and learning. ReadAskChat has tremendous potential as a learning tool for preschoolers.”

The iMums
“This app takes it beyond your device or tablet and encourages interactive reading using conversation starters to help kids engage and learn….I also love that the app can change depending on which child I am reading with – meaning I can choose prompts for my toddler or my older son while reading the same story….I loved the wide variety of content.”

Geeks With Juniors
“ReadAskChat is a fantastic addition to your digital shelf. Its method is really simple to follow and effective in helping parents create a more meaningful learning experience…. In terms of quality, the books have beautiful illustrations that inspire curiosity and imagination….I highly recommend ReadAskChat for parents who are looking to help their kids prepare for school.”

Families Online Magazine
“The ReadAskChat format differs from other digital storybooks….it’s the very opposite of a ‘babysitting app.’”

Teachers With Apps
“All of the literacy adventures in the ReadAskChat app are specifically chosen for their emphasis on nurturing scenarios, delightfully illustrated images, and rich language….ReadAskChat has brilliantly embedded conversation starters throughout and questions for families to expand and grow interpersonal relationships with their children on every page…. Ingenious!”



To contact ReadAskChat, please email us at info[at]readaskchat.net.