ReadAskChat coaches parents to engage in natural, enjoyable, and daily dialogic reading with their young children. Dialogic reading involves back-and-forth interaction between adult and child around text, art, and concepts found in books. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends dialogic reading beginning as early as six months as a way to make a significant difference in children’s educational lives.

ReadAskChat offers an accessible way for adults to become more responsive to their child’s particular interests and needs. Open-ended conversation starters at three developmental levels—baby, toddler, and prereader—are story-specific and coach adult readers in our innovative method of dialogic reading.


Developmentally appropriate MORE! activities linked to each selection extend enjoyment and exploration. These child-adult pursuits build on the ideas and themes explored through the readings and range from singing, drawing, and hands-on play to further reading, collaborative writing, science exploration, and family fun.

Above all, ReadAskChat fosters learning by focusing on each child’s perceptions, questions, and enthusiasm. The ReadAskChat design was created to build and support caregivers’ attentiveness, flexibility, and responsiveness.