ReadAskChat is a highly curated, beautifully illustrated, digital library that provides parents and caregivers of children six months to four years with all the guidance they need to lay a strong foundation for reading and love of learning.

The ReadAskChat Method




Because reading is the most important learning activity parents can do with their children.



Because listening and responding to children develops intellectual confidence and family bonding.



Because sharing ideas is how people learn.

ReadAskChat is a natural way for young children to build vocabulary and creative thinking that pave the way for lifelong learning.


A collection of short, developmentally appropriate, and content-rich selections that are meant to be reread and enjoyed over a period of years.

On-demand suggestions at three developmental levels—baby, toddler, and preschooler—so storytime changes as your child grows.

For organizations to track usage in order to customize ongoing support and facilitate reporting to funders.

Developmentally appropriate activities linked to reading selections that extend learning through singing, drawing, imaginative play, and hands-on projects.

Guides and materials for service professionals to introduce ReadAskChat to their constituencies.

Illustrations by children’s artists reward close observation and stimulate the imagination.


National Science Foundation
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award

NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program
administered by the University of Chicago Polsky Center

Finalist in the 2016 University of Chicago
Booth School of Business Social New Venture Challenge