Educators and organizations purchasing ReadAskChat for their families receive an array of additional resources for teachers, families, and program mangers to strengthen and measure the impact of their enactments.

Because ReadAskChat is designed for children 0-6 to learn in informal settings, childcare centers, preschools, and primary schools find it an invaluable tool for volunteers, tutors, and aides working with individuals or small groups of students, Most important, they make ReadAskChat a centerpiece of their family-engagement strategy.


Educators Guide

This digital guide is available to staff whose organizations purchase ReadAskChat for their families. Videos show how you can deepen dialogic reading practice and children’s foundational early learning. Among the topics covered are “Curiosity and Science Learning,” “Asking Open-ended Questions,” and “Connecting Home and School through Andie Stories.”

Family Introduction to ReadAskChat

Our Introduction to ReadAskChat, available in both English and Spanish, is perfect for Family Literacy Night or other in-person or virtual meetings.

Videos for Families in English and Spanish

Our series of 36 one-minute videos, in English and Spanish, shows the joys and benefits of family reading and conversation and what it looks like with Babies, Toddlers, and older Prereaders. We encourage organizations to share our videos in their communications with families to keep the ReadAskChat conversations going!
Watch a sample video in English.
Mira un video de muestra en español.

Data Dashboard

Program managers use the dashboard to evaluate family engagement through multiple metrics—time spent reading, use of conversation starters, and other indicators. Aggregate data is useful for monitoring and reporting. User-level data enables educators to personalize outreach and customize family programming.

Professional Development in
Joyful Dialogic Reading

This five-part course presents a deep dive into ReadAskChat’s joyful and easy dialogic reading method™ and the research supporting it. Modules may be delivered online or in person and are particularly designed for professional learning communities.

“The presentation was powerful, deeply important, in a concise format.”

- Kate M.

“It was a joyful session . . .The ability to interact with the text and with each other set us up well. The joy was there.”

- Laura K.

“I was inspired to encourage more wonder in reading.”

- Trina A.

“I learned it is critical that parents participate WITH their child. This is an app for both parent and child.”

- Pamela B.

“I was very excited about the reminder that closely observing pictures is science!”

- Liz L.

“I learned that giving children the opportunity to learn by using and building their creativity and problem-solving skills through imagination and play is so important . . . which is why the app is so great.”

- Anne A.

“I see ReadAskChat as a crucial change-making tool by meeting a critical need for parents and caregivers to access quality literacy supports before school begins.”

- Patricia B.

“I was reminded of the importance of giving children wait time and letting imagination guide thinking.”

- Nichole C.

[My most important takeaway was that] “when children have the opportunity to explore their imagination, that supports their strong early literacy skills.”

- Sharon F.

“[I appreciated] the new framing for open-ended questions: ‘stories can mean different things to different people.”

- Angie L.

“I learned how to support children by helping them dive into their curious minds.”

- Pat I.

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